Price Guarantee

Our Low Price Guarantee:

If You Find a Better Price Online, We'll Match It!

Did you find a better deal somewhere else? Shocking! We promise that if this happens, we will match the price!

How it Works:

1.  Save the URL

If you find a lower price from a designated online custom shirt printer, just save their home page URL.

2.  Check to see if the offer requires a promotion code or coupon

We will match the price on any publicly available promotion code or coupon. Please save any applicable promotion codes or coupons before calling.

3.  Check to see if the product is available on Allied Shirts

We will only match prices on identical products also available on AlliedShirts.com. Comparable garments for Allied Shirts basic tees include:

  • Unisex Budget Tee: Gildan Heavy Cotton 5.4oz (G5000)
  • Unisex Classic Tee: Gildan Ultra Cotton 6.1oz (G2000)
  • Unisex Fashion Tee: District Threads Very Important Tee 4.3oz (DT6000)

4. Call us at 800-273-4544 and direct our Customer Love Representative to the website offering a lower price. We will match the price after verifying that the website is a designated online custom shirt printer and that the lower price is for an identical custom shirt order.

Within 14 days of purchase, we will match the current pre-tax price, including shipping, for identical custom shirt orders from designated online custom shirt printers including: BlueCotton.com, BrokenArrowWear.com, CustomInk.com, CustomizedGirl.com, CustomTCouture.com, DFCScreenPrinting.com, DiscountMugs.com, DiscountTShirts.com, OOShirts.com, RushOrderTees.com, SkylineShirts.com, UberPrints.com, and VistaPrint.com.

An identical, immediately available shirt order must match garment type, garment color, quantity, number of print colors, and delivery date. The identical, immediately available shirt order must be available on both AlliedShirts.com and the designated online custom shirt printer.

Questions? Need Help?
The Customer Love Team is on-call and ready to answer your questions at 800-273-4544