Is it hard to design my own Tees?
No. With the Allied Shirts design tool it’s easy to upload an image, place it on your shirt, and choose the type of shirt you want. Then just wait for the magic to arrive in the mail!
What types of images can I put on my T-shirts?
You can put almost any image you want on a T-shirt (and any words too!). Keep in mind, that simple, clear graphics work best on T-shirts.
What file formats for images can I use?
We support many image file formats including EPS, JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, and PNG. Images must be less than 20 MB. If you are unsure about the file format you would like to use, please give the Allied Shirts Team a call.
Can I put a photograph on my T-shirts?
Yes. You can put a photograph on a T-shirt. However, keep in mind that the resolution of your photograph and the T-shirt printing process will affect how your photo looks.
How do I know my image will work on a T-shirt?
The factors affecting the quality of the image on your shirt include resolution and design. If your image is too low-resolution, it may come out looking blurry. Or if your design is too detailed, a T-shirt may not be the place for it. In general, clear, bold, simple designs work best on T-shirts.
I have an idea for a shirt but no image…Can Allied Shirts help?
Yes! Call our customer service line at 800-273-4544 and one of the Allied Team members will be happy to help.
Can I see what my T-shirts will look like before I purchase them?
We do our best to represent what your shirts will look like in our design tool. Before your order is shipped, one of our Allied Team members reviews it for print quality. That being said, we don’t send out a sample for your order.
Is there a minimum order?
We do not have minimums for any styles.
How long will my order take?
Allied Shirts guarantees your standard T-shirt order will arrive within 10 business days. Rush shipping is available as well for a fee.
What if I don’t like my order?
If this happens (and we really hope it doesn’t!), give our customer service team a call. We’ll be happy to work with you to get you the shirts you want
Questions? Need Help?
The Customer Love Team is on-call and ready to answer your questions at 800-273-4544